A First Lady's Heart

A first lady...
Who can find her?
more valuable than
the vessel encased about it;
her anointing speaks to multitudes.

Inclined are many ears,
attempting to hear that which her lips can't seem to conjure.
Words concealed behind the smiles.
yet still speaking...

In holy matrimony
she masks her testimony,
yearning for but one
to seek her.
Not hard to find
but drifting further away
as she carries the many burdens day by day by day
and still
She remains...
Beaming brightly outside,
but vastly depleting deep down inside,
as she gathers remnants of baggage;
excessively weighing
down her bejeweled...
prized possession.
Under appreciation
lying dormant beneath the shadow
of her other's half

Behold for one minute,
heed her heart...
still beating;
orchestrating a song and dance
to the life outside of the make-up.
Flawed in the many
visual perfections.

Not first before man
but her creation he said...
was good.
Appeasing in God's sight.
He calls her blessed!
Fearful of the Lord
she is to be praised!

Lauded as the backbone,
the right holding his left
standing upright;
the union
which God ordained.
As she holds it together
he cleaves unto her,
a head of
protection over his first lady's heart.

She bears all,
he carries her...
gently nestling her gem
in the safety of his unchanging hand...

~Written and Ministered in Spoken Word for Sisters Inspiring Sisters (S.I.S.) organization

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