I found myself in anticipation of saying hello,
I intended to speak and say “see you later,”
but the moment just wasn't opportune;
others had already captured your attention,
Though I knew, had known, now known,
It’s me that has apprehended your heart.
And with that in mind,
I opted to not bother;
disrupt the flow of discourse.
Because I knew yes, of course;
you saw me,
always acknowledged me.
It’s in the way that you look at me.
Let’s me know yes, you see me,
know it’s me.
And no never do I intend to stir envy,
I just hold back the moments:
times I've almost affixed your attire,
the way you affix your eyes on me;
taken hold of your hand,
the way you embrace my attention;
kissed your cheek lovingly, encouragingly,
the way that I feel your heart loving me,
Just wanting to let you know,
remind you,
Yes, I know it’s me.
Just as you have always known, it’s you.
We know it’s a mutual.
So my beloved,
I look forward to seeing you again
and as the moment extends,
at that time we will surely greet again. 

Copyright © 2013 Rayne Writes

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